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How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

We have all heard the reports that if you want to lose weight, you should get more sleep. Many people wonder what sleep and weight loss should do with one another. Not only is getting a proper night’s rest important for your overall health, nightly hormones are affected when we don’t get enough shut eye. Ghrelin and leptin which are hormones that help our body know when we need to eat and when we need to stop eating. In the case of sleep deprivation, our bodies make more ghrelin and less leptin which adds to over eating. Additionally, a person’s metabolism does not function properly when they are lacking a healthy amount of sleep. The affect that lack of sleep has on our body doesn’t only have to do with hormones and metabolism. Here are some other ways how sleep affects weight loss.

  • Stops late night eating. Studies have found that people who go to bed at a reasonable time and sleep through the night are less likely to indulge in late night snacks. Saving those extra calories makes a big difference when it comes to weight loss, especially since late night eating is one of the common causes of weight gain.
  • Helps burn calories. The fact isn’t that sleeping burns calories in our bodies, but those that have a proper sleep pattern do experience an increase in energy. Studies have shown that twenty percent more calories are burned after meals in those that get a proper amount of sleep.
  • Boosts fat loss. Those that are sleep deprived usually indulge in comfort foods. The energy that someone gains from getting a good amount of sleep can also help with shopping healthier.
  • Encourages portion control. There is a known link between lack of sleep and snacking. In addition to snacking, many tired persons look to coffee and other foods to gain the energy they need to make it through the day.
  • Keeps your brain focused. Having a problem with focusing can lead to poor inhibition and behavior control.

Who doesn’t love a decent night’s sleep? Even if you loved the idea of jumping into your bed and pulling up the covers to drift off to dream land before, you will love it even more now that you know it can also kick up your weight loss. Although you may want to watch that one last show on DVR, opting to focus on getting the correct amount of sleep will be a decision you will find great satisfaction in down the road when you look back at your weight loss progress.

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