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4 Important Weight Loss Questions To Set You Up For Success

Losing weight is a lot easier than you can ever imagined. However, while shedding excess pounds, for instance, around your mid-section will help your self-esteem and health, without a resolve and sufficient planning, it can be a little tough to get the results you want. But as with other challenges in life, it helps a lot to set realistic objectives, plans your moves and then track your progress. Remember, the best time to start a diet is when you are mentally prepared. Weight loss success begins with the following four questions:

How do I track my progress?


There are quite a number of ways you can effectively track your progress. For example, if you are stepping on a scale, then make certain to weigh yourself at the same time every day. The majority of people weigh themselves once per week since it is more probable that they will see results and find encouragement. It should be noted that a scale might not offer you an exact picture of your overall progress.

Sticking to your weight loss plan is better as it is a sign that you are doing well. Keep a journal to track increased energy or watch for clothes feeling closer. Prior to starting, let’s say on a HCG diet plan or any other dieting plans for that matter, it is advisable to consider non-food related rewards for your weight loss milestones. For instances, begin with goals such as 3, 4, and 8 pounds lost, and reward yourself as you achieve them.

What action will I take?

A well planned weight loss plan consists of more than just resolving to skip certain types of food stuffs. Weight management must address emotional, nutrition and fitness habits. A great weight loss strategy is:

  • Time-framed: What are your milestones? How much time do your require to reach your goal?
  • Realistic: Set smaller goals to make it easier to track your progress. Can you complete these goals? Be honest!
  • Action-oriented: What is your fitness routine? What behavior will you change or what are you eating?
  • Measurable: How much will you do? What will you track and how? How often will you do this?
  • Specific: How will you do it? What will you focus on? When will you start?
  • What is holding me back?

    Mull over all the challenges around you and what you are eating, and then plot how you will overcome them all. Do you end up skipping your evening exercises when you are pressed for time? Then perhaps a morning jog might do. Are you tempted by that coffee shop on your way to work? Think about changing your route. You can achieve your goals much more easily if you think about all the kinks in your weight loss plan well in advance.

    What are my options?

    Explore your options even before starting on your weight loss plan. Remember, you do not have to do everything by yourself. Moreover, don’t put pressure on yourself, for instance weighing each item or preparing well-balanced or portion-controlled food for every meal. There are quite a number of viable solutions that can support you in your healthy eating journey. Find out which convenient and healthy food items that can perfectly fit into your extra busy life, and you can even encourage your partner or spouse to start "healthy eating days" together. As long as you make an effort, there is unlimited potential as to what you can achieve!

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