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Protein Supplements for Weight Loss

Welcome to the Proti DIET Weight Loss Center

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The Protidiet brand is recognized by health professionals as the benchmark company in the market for high protein supplements used for weight loss. In addition to our excellent reputation, our high protein products are renowned for their taste, their effectiveness and their safety. The concept behind the Proti DIET high protein product lineup is simple: If you consume enough protein while limiting your other macros, you can safely lose weight. This concept has been proven time and again and is recognized by health professionals for its effectiveness.

Commit to a healthy lifestyle, shed unwanted pounds and keep them off for life. Browse through our delicious selection of Proti DIET foods—including Proti Bars, Proti Entrees, Proti Drinks, Proti Pudding, Proti Shakes and Proti Supplements—and get ready to say hello to the new you.

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Want to lose weight?

The high protein diet promotes a substantial reduction in body measurements, especially at the waist, hips,
buttocks and thighs; while providing satisfying meals. The high protein diet is a diet based on the stringent scientific
research. It is a low calorie diet which, as its name implies, is designed protein-based.
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