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Posted by Proti Foods on Dec 2nd 2020

Five Habits of Successful Dieters

There’s no better time than now to start taking care of yourself and put a plan in place to lose those unwanted pounds before the New Year is here. Worried you won’t be successful at reaching your goals? Establishing good habits can help you lose weight and feel great long term. Luckily, to develop good habits for weight loss, you don’t have to make big changes. Here are a few small diet tips for weight loss you can jump into today: 1. Set a Sta…

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Posted by Nutmeg State Nutrition on Oct 22nd 2020

Five “Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Bad for You – And How to Replace Them

Eating healthy sounds simple enough: Simply cut out obvious foods that are bad for your health, such as bacon, butter, white bread and pasta, candy bars, chips, etc. Then, replace them with more nutritious options. Unfortunately, while the foods listed above are unhealthy, many others are less obvious. Some of the worst diet foods can actually be cleverly disguised as healthy options, leading you to consume more calories, fat, and unhealthy…

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Posted by Proti Foods on Sep 18th 2020

Five Ways to Prepare for Dieting

Making the decision to lose weight is a huge first step, but, as with any ambitious project, it takes a lot of work. One aspect that is often overlooked is preparation. If you’ve had unsuccessful diets in the past, you might think that there’s simply no point in trying again; however, taking the right approach can make a world of difference. You need to be in an appropriate physical and mental state to go through this process effectively.Wit…

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Posted by Proti Foods on Aug 20th 2020

Five Common Dieting Mistakes You Might Not Realize You’re Making

It can be frustrating to put a lot of time and effort into losing weight, only to find that you’ve actually gained a few pounds. This is especially demotivating when you’ve been reading up on diet tips for weight loss and doing all of the things that you’re “supposed” to do. However, the truth is that there are a number of common diet mistakes most people make when trying to lose weight. Below, we’re outlining these missteps, so you can reach yo…

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Posted by Proti Foods on Jul 13th 2020

How to Set Your Weight Loss Goal

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it’s tempting to try to shed pounds quickly and by any means necessary. The “lose weight fast” ads that bombard our televisions, social media platforms, and email inboxes have a way of catching your attention and convincing you that you can get the body you want in no time. Unfortunately, these diet plans often turn out to be unhealthy and unrealistic for most people. If you genuinely want to…

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