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How To Build Muscle: 5 Steps To Crush Your Goal

Contrary to what some might believe, fitness isn’t just about weight loss – although getting fit can certainly help. Above all else, it’s about building (and working to maintain) a strong, healthy body. To achieve the physique of your dreams, you’ll need to begin by toning and building your muscles.

Wondering how to build muscle? Here are five simple tips that you can start practicing today:

1. Increase Your Protein Intake

Establishing a healthy, high-protein diet is a great way to begin growing your muscles. Protein is essential for muscle growth, as its amino acids help repair your muscle tissue after your workouts. Therefore, the more high-protein foods you eat, the stronger your muscles will get – especially if you’re weight training regularly.

So, how much protein should you be eating? The general rule of thumb is to consume around 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight every day.

2. Create a Strict Workout Schedule (and Stick to It!)

Working out frequently and consistently is another great way to build muscle mass. When you train at least three times every week, you’ll hit the minimum frequency necessary to trigger a muscle-building stimulus. Once you’ve gained significant experience with strength training, you can consider increasing your number of weekly sessions even further. Just make sure you’re staying consistent!

3. Do the Right Exercises

When you’re trying to put on muscle, it’s not just about working out – it’s equally important that you’re engaging in the right exercises to reach your goals. A good starting point is to use what weight trainers call the “big three” exercises: the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press. When you regularly engage in these workouts, you’ll build strength and bulk up your muscles. While the big three shouldn’t encompass the entirety of your weight training regimen, they should always be included (in some form).

4. Eat the Correct Amount of Carbs

If you’re currently attempting to build and maintain muscle mass, don’t skip the carbs. While low-carb diets are extremely popular, this eating pattern is far from optimal for weight trainers. This is because carbohydrates are converted to a form of energy called glycogen that is stored in the muscles. Without this energy to power your workouts, you might have a harder time hitting your maximum reps. Additionally, carbs increase protein synthesis and decrease protein breakdown, helping your muscles repair and grow after you exercise.

Depending on your training regimen, you may need anywhere from 2.3 to 4 grams (or more) of carbs per pound of body weight each day.

5. Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Believe it or not, the amount of sleep you’re getting can have an impact on your physical fitness and muscle-building capabilities. The actual process of muscle building (as well as recovery and repair) occurs at rest and when you sleep. Without recovery time, you risk delaying muscle growth. A lack of sleep can even increase your risk of illness or injury, keeping you out of the gym and derailing your fitness journey.

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