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Follow This Weekly Weight Loss Sweat Schedule to Shed Those Pounds!

Losing weight is all numbers game, and if you are looking to put your body in a calorie deficit at the end of the week, you need to make sure that the amount of calories burnt is always on the higher side. Apart from good nutrition, you need to follow a proper sweat schedule in order to shed excess fat or anything that comes your way in preventing weight loss.

Monday: Low Intensity Steady-State Cardio

Steady-state cardio at a lower intensity can significantly burn fat along with carbohydrates and glycogen. You can go biking, swimming, hiking, running or simply walking for at least half an hour. This short workout at around 2/3rd of your maximum heart rate can bring about significant changes in the long run.

Tuesday: Give Yourself Rest

Give your body the much needed rest following a stressful day at the onset of the week. Focus should be more on proper potion of nutritive foods and drinking lots of water to keep the body hydrated. If probable, you can opt for a body spa to relax the stringent muscles. Make sure not to keep yourself attached to the chair or bed all day; a little walk after supper will help.

Wednesday: High Intensity Interval Training

To lower the body fat percentage you need to burn down the calories in a timely sequential manner. It’s a common myth that high intensity training implies that the more you sweat, the more you shed. You need to take short intervals between short sessions of burst. A 20 seconds workout at the highest intensity followed by an interval of 10 seconds is much better than continuously stretching the body.

Thursday: Moderately Intense Training

It’s imperative to lift heavy if you are looking to lose weight, since the process of muscle building automatically ensures burning of calories even faster. Compound exercises such as squat or deadlift make the most use of your training period, as it targets more than one muscle group. It removes excess fat from the body and lowers the cholesterol as well.

Friday: Low Intensity Cardio

Avoid troubling your muscles too much after a couple of days of intense training, since that would leave no room for muscle repair. The focus on this day should be on simple cardio exercises such as climbing the stairs rather than taking the elevator, walking to a nearby place or going for a short run within the perimeter of your locality.

Saturday: Restore Balance

In a bid to lose weight with strength training, you might end up losing a perfect body balance and stance. This can be prevented by some alternative exercises such as rope skipping, foam rolling or body stretching yoga practices.

Sunday: High Intensity Training

After two days of light training, it’s time to test your power and intensity once again. This is one day of the week when you should look to expose your body to challenges for a longer session prior to intervals. Say for an instance, work out for 60 seconds and take a 10 seconds interval, and then as your strength increases, increase the gaps.

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