Weight Loss Supplements

  • Doctor Designs - Soma-Biotica - Probiotic Supplement

    Soma-Biotica Probiotic (Bacillus Coagulans) Capsules by Doctors Designs contain 15 billion CFUs of Bacillus Coagulans, a stable probiotic bacteria that survives stomach acid and retains its potency in the intestines, where it...


  • Proti Fit (Bariatrix)

    Doctor Designs - Cleansing Herbs Tea - Herbal Supplement - 20 Bags

    DESCRIPTION Fiber confers great benefits that most people know about: not just providing bulking and improving bowel regularity, but also serving as a preferred food for some gut bacteria, as well as a “mop” for some compounds that might...


  • Proti Fit (Bariatrix)

    Doctors Designs - Soma-EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) Softgels

    About this item Our EFAs are specifically designed for use in weight loss and contain a carefully calibrated balance of w-6 and w-3 essential fatty acids. These types of EFAs have been selected to have the greatest potency with the least additional...


  • Proti Fit (Bariatrix)

    Doctors Designs Unflavored Fiber Sticks

    Thermogenesis and free radical scavenging in one product. Thermogenic botanicals can stimulate lipolysis, and can help boost energy by increasing metabolic rate. Quercetin and similar flavonoids in Ginkgo and Green Tea have recently been shown to enhance...


  • Doctors Design

    Doctors Designs ThermoCaps 90 Capsules

    Doctors Designs ThermoCaps provides robust support for thermogenesis, containing a carefully selected blend of botanical and nutritional ingredients. ThermoCaps are suitable for people who either feel their metabolism is slow or when a clinical finding...


  • Doctors Design

    Doctor Designs Carb Trap

    Doctors Designs Carb TrapThe carb trap is the perfect supplement to help your body in the absortion of sugar & starch.  This botanical supplement has been used by many clients at the Nutmeg State Nutrition weight loss center to aid in their...