Proti Fit VLC Hot Base Mix
Proti Fit VLC Hot Base Mix
Proti Fit VLC Hot Base Mix
Proti Fit VLC Hot Base Mix

Proti Fit VLC Hot Base Mix

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The Prot Fit VLC hot soup base is the perfect protein supplement to add to any soup recipe.  This product can be paired with one of our soup flavor packets but can also be used as a stand-alone product to add to your favorite recipe for added protein and vitamins and minerals.  With 18 grams of protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals this base is perfect for dieters.

This base is also perfect for those looking for a post workout protein supplement that can be easily added to your own foods.

Be sure to try this great tasting product today!

  • Provides and all natural blend of protein
  • Fiber and healthy fats to serve as your base for creating great tasting hot meals
  • Choose to blend with our assortment of VLC Soup Flavor Packs or blend with recipes calling for fresh ingredients
  • 20% vitamin fortification per serving
  • all-natural ingredients and gluten free
  • 18 grams of protein

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