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Why Rapid Weight Loss Is Harmful To Your Health

Many people who are interested in losing weight are usually concerned about one key element – how to lose weight fast. Having to take part in fitness activities and going to the gym, eventually only noting minimal improvement over a very long time can be very frustrating, and this is in fact what makes many people give up on their weight loss journeys. However, the only secret to ensuring that this does not happen to you is to understand how weight loss works, and what you can expect out of it when you start.

The issue of rapid weight loss is one that can be very controversial. If you look at the media, you will find that there are many different methods you can use to lose a lot of weight in a very short time. Most of these are very appealing, but using them is usually not a very good idea. Fast weight loss has been linked to many problems, including:

Increased lethargy

If you use any of the methods of losing weight quickly and you end up doing it faster than your body can adapt, you are likely to end up having to deal with chronic fatigue. You will always feel like you have very low energy, and this means that day to day activities such as going to work and even the gym may become a huge struggle for you. As a result, most people find themselves increasing their calorie intake again, which then leads to further weight gain. Overall, having to lose weight too quickly will make you less productive, and will make you feel very sick as well. Sometimes, this effect can last for as much as a few weeks. This can contribute to you having a poor quality of life.

It could result in injuries to your body

Some of the methods of rapid weight loss usually involve placing your body under tremendous amounts of stress. For instance, there are some people who go to the gym and push way past their limits. This might give you the impression that you are working up a sweat and getting rid of a lot of fat, but it might also be doing damage to your body.

For instance, you may be sustaining damage to your tendons and muscles and even your bones. When this is done repeatedly, such damage can become more debilitating, to the point where you may have to stop regular activities such as walking and going to the gym in order to recuperate. If the damage is too much, it could even require surgical intervention.

It has been linked to an increased risk of gallstones

When you lose weight, most of your body fat is metabolized and the products of metabolism removed through your gall bladder. When the rate of weight loss passes a specific threshold, the quantity of the waste produced increases to such an extent that it overwhelms the gall bladder. As a result, you may end up getting gallstones which will manifest as abdominal pain and even jaundice. This may require medical treatment, and in the more advanced cases surgical intervention may be needed.

These are just some of the consequences of losing weight too fast; there are many more. If you are interested in losing weight quickly and safely, it is better to rely on weight loss protein supplements that are proven to work.

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