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Is It Possible To Shed Pounds Off Quickly?

This is a popular question many people do ask, especially after enjoying so many barbeque fests and the like during spring and summer. Well, there are actually many unproven ways of losing weight fast. However, a great of deal of them only make you hungrier later on if you are not planning your weight loss properly. Without willpower, the hunger gets overwhelming and you find yourself indulging in unhealthy eating within a short time. Luckily, all is not lost when you figure out that you do not have the willpower to handle hunger. There are simplified ways that do not involve starving yourself to shed pounds off quickly.

Start with sugar and starch cuts

One of the things that you will have to do to lose weight fast is cutting back on sugar and starch. This is because these foods greatly stimulate insulin secretion in the body. Insulin is actually the major fat storage hormone. So when it goes down, fat stored in the body easily comes off and the body starts burning it. Moreover, it allows the kidneys to get rid of excess water and sodium from the body, which reduces unnecessary water weight.

Go for vegetables and protein

It is vital to ensure that each of your meals has a source for vegetables, protein and fat. Low carb vegetables are actually recommendable in this case. It takes discipline to construct your meals this way and maintain the routine. The good news is that this eating style goes a long way in keeping your carb intake at the recommended level. This is because eating the right amount of protein increases body metabolism making it possible to burn more calories in a day.

Lifting weights

How fast you lose body weight is determined by the number of times you decide to hit the gym. If you choose to go to the gym to lift weights five times in a week, the results are going to be outstanding. However, everyone has other important things to do and going to the gym may not be something that you just fit in your daily schedule.

In that case, you should work your schedule out in such a way that it allows you to lift weights at least two or three times in a week. Lifting weights lets you burn more calories and keeps your body metabolism up. If lifting weights is not much of an option to you, then you should consider other ways of weight loss such as jogging, running, walking or swimming.

Therefore, if you were wondering whether it is possible to shed off pounds quickly, you have your answer. Weight loss is possible. It just depends on how you approach it. Some people give it the wrong approach and end up gaining more weight than before. With these simple steps, you do not have to be so hard on yourself. It is all about finding the right weight loss method that will work for you. Keep in mind that for you to achieve your goal of losing weight, you need to have some discipline whenever you choose a particular method.

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