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How To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle And Deal With Your Not-So-Supportive Partner

One of the most difficult things a couple can undergo is when one member wants to make a change and the other wants to maintain the status quo. Whether it’s changing careers, homes or having kids, it can normally be very difficult. In as much as you may think that the increased attractiveness of your partner will make you happy, this usually doesn’t happen.

Actually, this can lead to resentment, insecurity and even at times cause emotional withdrawal and sabotage. Thus, instead of your loved one snuggling on the couch with you, they will go for Chinese take-outs and then resentment will kick in. Thus, to be able to continue achieving your fitness goals without letting the relationship with your loved one affect you, there are several things you can do.

Begin with communication

Just as you would talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program, you should talk to your partner about what your goals are. You should explain to them that your goal is not to attract other people, but rather your goal is to become healthier and let you feel better about yourself. To take out the many unknown variables from the equation, you can also go into detail about your nutritional goals and exercise plan which can even lead to a spark in your significant other. In case you are met with same resentment, then you can explain to them that they shouldn’t have to change just because you are doing it and that you will still continue to love them as they are.

Seek support

The journey to getting good health can often prove to be very difficult and asking support from your loved one can make a lot of difference. You should request them to make positive comments on your journey and only inquire if you are making the right choice when you slip up. This will make them feel part and parcel of the process without giving them the power or the right to control you. Alternatively, you can ask them to join you, which will elicit the greatest support you can have.

Get a training partner

If your mate does want to join you, then you can find someone who does. This will give you increased motivation and capacity than going at it alone. Preferably, you should get someone who won’t threaten your partner or someone of the same sex. While you workout, you can also talk with your training partner about your issues and ask them about theirs.

Avoid the eating pitfalls

Snacking, grocery shopping and meal preparation can often prove to be difficult in a household that is on the same eating path. When your partner wants macaroni and cheese with some fries on the side yet you are trying to eat lean vegetables and proteins, this can be like a David and Goliath fight. Thus, you will need to make meal plans that suit you both.

Relationships are usually great opportunities which offer security, growth and happiness. In as much as it can be difficult navigating this path, you should always know that the best tools are compassion and communication. This is especially important when you are trying to figure out how to lose weight and it can go a long way in ensuring you achieve your fitness goals.

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