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5 Healthy Dishes With Low Carbs That You Can Have During Winter

During winter, comfort food is the best thing you can have. Whether you are craving your favorite plate of comfort food, some stew, casseroles or soup, they can really keep you warm and get your mood up during the cold weather.

If you are on a weight loss plan, you should try to indulge yourself in healthy diets that have low carbs and are full of vegetables and meat. By incorporating some of these dishes with low carbs at whichever phase you please, they will enable you strike a balance between hearty and filling while ensuring that you remain healthy. So go ahead, try out one of the below low carb dishes today and satisfy that food craving you have during winter:


This happens to be among the best comfort dishes and having a crust-less version is normally ideal for your diet. Packed with cheese, spices, spinach and cream, the crust-less spinach quiche recipe normally has an exquisite flavor and you may even end up forgetting that it is crust-less.

Ancho Macho Chili

You should try out the Ancho Macho Chili recipe which is made up of a tomato base, red wine, beef chuck without the bones and spices when watching your favorite game on TV. Since chili usually freezes well, you can save some for reheating when you having one of those busy weeks.

Homemade meatballs

If you are at home, then you can enjoy a scrumptious serving of meatballs made at home which have low carb. This classic comfort food can go well with spaghetti. Instead of serving the meatballs with pasta, you can use a large green salad or zucchini “noodle” which will give you a delicious treat without the added carbs. Since they are made up of different proteins, the baked meatball recipe will satisfy you just the way you want.

Roast chicken

If you have yet to embrace the goodness of roast chicken, then you are missing out big time. In addition to being a tantalizing meal, you can have leftovers for the remaining part of the week when you cook it over the weekend which you can then use in various recipes with low carbs to delight your senses. Thus, if you have never prepared this kind of chicken, you can try the recipe of butter roast chicken today.

Creamed mushroom soup

During that snow and cold time, you can keep yourself warm by taking this hot dish of tasty soup. This mushroom soup happens to be a very easy dish with low carb that you can prepare at home. It usually has no more than ten ingredients with the capacity to be ready under 20 minutes. Thus, if your schedule is busy, this is the type of dish you deserve.

By incorporating the above low carb dishes into your various diet plans, you can be assured that you will get the best of both worlds – great tasting food and a healthy meal. Although you might have to learn how to prepare some of them, it will be worth your while, especially during the winter season when all you want to do is to cozy up on the couch and watch the snowflakes fall.

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