Weight Loss

  1. Make Your Way to a Flat Belly by Summer

    Summer is right around the corner. Don’t spend your sunny days trying to suck it in. Trimming your waist is one of the most motivational ways to continue healthy eating. Are you looking to banish bloat and she those unwanted pounds? These ten tips will help you tighten that tummy just in time for bikini season.

    1. It is important to eat every three to four hours if you are trying to lose weight. Although many people follow this routine, there is often a gap between lunch and dinner that has a significant impact on your mid-section. Between the hours of three and four in the afternoon, try eating a snack that is filled with protein. This will boost your metabolism, balance your blood sugar, and lower insulin that stores fat around your stomach.
    2. Limit your sugar intake. It is helpful to aim for zero grams of sugar, or as little as possible. This will keep your insulin level low and your glucagon levels high. Glucagon eats up fat to use it as energy.
    3. Chew
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  2. How to Kick-Off Your Diet

    Are you looking to fast track your new diet? Kicking off your diet with a little extra effort in the beginning can have positive results. Not only does it show that you are committed and eager to work towards results, it leads to faster weight loss which can boost your motivation to stick to your plan. But, kick starting your diet isn’t as easy as you think it may be. If it isn’t done the right way, your nutritional balance may suffer. And, dropping weight too drastically may lead to more weight gain later in the game. So, if you want to kick off your diet on the right foot, do it the right way with these proven steps.

    For the first two weeks of your diet, follow these steps closely to see more results.

    1. Make a commitment. One of the biggest parts of following a successful diet is being accountable. For many people, if they write it down, they feel more committed
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