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  1. How Protein and Carbs Work for Your Body

    The secret to consistent weight loss is a combination of healthy foods that supports your metabolism. When you eat, the foods you choose either aid your metabolism or slow it down. Although there are a lot of “bad” carbohydrates available, your diet should have a combination of protein and carbohydrates to be successful.

    Protein and carbohydrates are both essential nutrients that play very different roles in our bodies. They are needed to effectively fuel our bodies. But, it is important to make sure we are eating the right combination of protein and carbs and the right kinds. If we don’t pay careful attention to this fact, we can be headed towards weight gain instead of weight loss.

    Protein’s Role in Weight Loss

    Protein is an important part of many different parts of our body. It helps our muscles, hair, skin, and bones. Protein from food is broken down to help

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  2. 5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Those on a Diet

    One of the most common complaints of those who choose to change their diet for weight loss is that they get bored. Sometimes a little variety to shake things up can be the key to consistency. But, many of us get in a routine and don’t optimize our options. This leads to taste bud fatigue. And, we deny our bodies several health boosting nutrients that we simply overlook.

    Protein is a key ingredient to satisfying hunger and maintaining weight loss. While protein shakes and protein bars are great options to bring to work for lunch or to grab on the go for breakfast, adding a homemade lunch or dinner option can make eating healthy more fun. So, we put together 5 healthy lunch ideas for those on a diet that don’t take a lot of work in the kitchen.

    Mediterranean Lunch Box

    This combination of Greek salad, hummus, and grapes makes 4 servings and each is packed with 37 grams of protein

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