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  1. Is Your High Protein Diet to Blame for All That Bloating?

    It’s no secret that most of America strives to be the perfect version of themselves. Who is the prettiest? Who has the best hair? Did you see that man’s muscles? And, of course, who has the best body? Improving your lifestyle and working hard to reach your goals requires a lot of change if you want to be successful. Just as you will need to change your mindset, what you eat, and how active you are, you will notice changes occurring in your body as well. But, what changes are normal?

    One of the most common questions we hear when it comes to changes in the body with a new weight loss routine is: does a high protein diet cause bloating? The quick answer is no. Quality protein does not produce gas, which is the leading cause of bloating. If you are experiencing bloating when you start your high protein diet, chances are there is another culprit serving as the cause. When we

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  2. Jump Start Workout and Diet Plan for Beginners

    Have you decided it’s time to lose weight and get healthy? That’s great! But making sure you are setting yourself up for success rather than failure is just as important as deciding to make a change. Developing healthy exercise and eating habits needs to be a way of life, that’s why many people refer to it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. If you want to be successful in dropping the number of pounds you have set in your goals, it’s important to maintain it as well. Setting up a plan of attack is one way to move yourself towards weight loss success.

    Where to Start?

    By plan of attack, we mean what efforts will you have to make to shift your lifestyle towards a healthier way of eating and a successful way of losing weight? Start by sitting down and planning things out. If you are beginning a new diet, plan your grocery list. Look at your schedule and decide what time of day would be best to fit in your exercise routing. Much

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  3. Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Your Diet

    We have all heard the saying, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, if you aren’t eating the right foods, that saying is meaningless. So, what are the most important foods we should be eating to maintain a healthy diet and give our body the best kick start for the day ahead? Here’s our list of the best foods to eat to start your day and some great breakfast recipes to pair with your diet. Great Ingredients Bring Great Results In general, many dieting blogs tell us to stock up on protein, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. But, what ingredients are helpful to us when we are whipping up a healthy breakfast. The most beneficial ingredients to include in your breakfast leave use feeling full throughout the morning. Including these can prevent weight gain, boost your memory, lower your risk of diabetes, and leave you feeling happier which can lead to a more productive day. Consider including these in your morning recipes:

    • Eggs
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