Monthly Archives: March 2017

  1. Hottest Trends in Working Out Outside the Gym

    As new trends hit the market on a regular basis, convenience continues to be a focus of most weight loss products. Those looking to lose some weight and get more fit are finding this once very difficult task a bit easier to accomplish. While all the latest fitness trends aren’t solely focused around working out outside of the gym, many offer an alternative to the traditional membership based gym.

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  2. Being Fit Beats Being Skinny

    With the media craze focused around fit celebrities and photoshopped perfection, being overweight is a difficult problem to deal with in today’s society. And, as weight loss goals become increasingly obsessed with the numbers on our scales, attention is drawn away from the big picture when it comes to following a healthier lifestyle.

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  3. How to Be a Supportive Partner During Weight Loss

    Starting a journey to a healthier lifestyle can be difficult in the beginning. It takes a great deal of will power, dedication, consistency, and positive thinking to instill a change like this in one’s life. But, once the process starts, and changes are made, staying consistent becomes easier as time goes by. Being a positive support system for your partner or spouse, finding success in weight loss can be a lot less complicated. Here’s how you can help.

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