Monthly Archives: December 2016

  1. Fact or Myth: Stress Causes Weight Gain

    The effects of stress on our lives and bodies can cause a variety of problems. From skin issues and hair loss to fatigue and mental strain, being stressed is one way to give yourself physical ailments. And, among the most influential side effects of stress, weight gain can be a difficult one to combat. Understanding the mistakes made that lead to weight gain during stressful times and finding strategies to reduce your risk of packing on the pounds are two important ways to battle the negative effects on stress on your waist.

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  2. Healthy Eating Tips for the Holiday Season

    It is no secret that we tend to over indulge during the holidays. Our days are filled with socializing with friends, co-workers, and family over a beautiful spread of amazing food that is usually not the healthiest. Having control during the holiday season can be a difficult task, but it is possible. We can’t possibly avoid grandma’s famous holiday dish, but we can take steps to avoid over indulgence and to eliminate other unneeded calories throughout the day.

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  3. How Cold Weather Ads to Weight Loss

    Many people are challenged in the winter when it comes to weight loss. The cold weather, and darkness of the night setting in early, causes less motivation to exercise and an increased appetite in many of us. While it’s hard to imagine, the cold weather can increase our ability to lose weight in the winter months. Here’s how:

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