Monthly Archives: November 2016

  1. How to Avoid the Thanksgiving Food Coma

    It happens every year! We get so excited for the Thanksgiving holiday that we over indulge when the time comes. We wind up sprawled out on the couch, kicking ourselves for eating so much, as all we want to do is sleep and lay around. We have put together some holiday hacks that seem to help avoid the holiday food coma all together!

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  2. How Your Diet Affects Your Locks

    We have established that a high protein diet is a great way to increase weight loss. Many people do not realize that increasing your protein intake can also do wonders for your hair. While we are out there spending tons of money on high quality, expensive hair products, adding some extra protein to your diet can be a great natural fix to strengthen, grow, and thicken your hair.

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  3. Sleep is Everything

    We have all heard the reports that if you want to lose weight, you should get more sleep. Many people wonder what sleep and weight loss should do with one another. Not only is getting a proper night’s rest important for your overall health, nightly hormones are affected when we don’t get enough shut eye. Ghrelin and leptin which are hormones that help our body know when we need to eat and when we need to stop eating. In the case of sleep deprivation, our bodies make more ghrelin and less leptin which adds to over eating. Additionally, a person’s metabolism does not function properly when they are lacking a healthy amount of sleep. The affect that lack of sleep has on our body doesn’t only have to do with hormones and metabolism. Here are some other ways getting less sleep can affect our ability to lose weight.

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