Monthly Archives: October 2016

  1. How to Achieve Your Ultimate Weight Loss Overall

    Most visitors who come to our site come here for one of two reasons: they want to lose weight or they want to get healthy. Both reasons go hand in hand. But there is more to losing weight, in a healthy way than just starting a diet program. Making a commitment to improve your health and reduce your weight is one that takes a great deal of will power to face the hurdles that are thrown at you during the beginning of your journey. Generally, most of our clients, notice a significant change in the ease of the process as the first few pounds are shed. While it is recommended to get sixty minutes of cardio workout a day, some people’s busy lifestyles just don’t give them room to do that. So, what should they do?

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  2. For Your Heart

    There is no greater muscle to care for than your heart. And because we don’t actually see our heart muscle, it is sometimes difficult to tell that there is anything wrong or that our health may be in danger. This is why following a heart healthy diet and keeping on top of our overall health is important. Maintaining a healthy weight can greatly improve your heart and vascular health. And those who carry extra pounds can actually be causing their heart to work overtime, eventually finding that it can no longer keep up. Let’s look more closely at how eating healthy and exercising can help to improve our heart health.

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  3. Common Road Blocks Women Face During Weight Loss

    The battle between men and women when it comes to weight loss can be a rather competitive ordeal that you might not want to get into! While great motivation comes from working out with your partner and challenging each other, many couples find themselves fighting dirty when it comes to who will win the competition. Women seem to become so frustrated as they watch their male counterpart shed the pounds at a much faster pace. But while men might say women are just being poor sports, there might actually be a reason men and women should just give up competing with one another.

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