Monthly Archives: June 2016

  1. Common Misconceptions About The Low-Carb Diet

    Many of us think that low-carb diets are no different with all other types of diet in the market. Since it is a diet program, we all think that avoiding our favorites will mean losing weight quickly. You have to take note though that your perception of this diet program can somehow be a misconception, the most common of which that needs some explanation are the following.

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  2. How To Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

    Everyone seems to have belly fat these days. Even young teenagers who have not been involved in good eating habits can suffer from such unsightly parts of growing up. Dads who love to have more than a glass of beer everyday will also have that so-called 'beer belly' which is no less than fat that came from the calories found in that alcoholic drink. Well, of course, the once pregnant women are no exception to the plight. If you are pregnant and you want to lose belly fat after your pregnancy, here are useful tips you can use:

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  3. The Dangers Of Extreme Weight Loss

    Looking at yourself in front of the mirror and seeing how much weight you have gained in the last couple of weeks will somehow make you upset. You will surely be disappointed and sometimes embarrassed once your acquaintances notice the same and tell that fact in front of you. With all of these things that you see and hear, your next step is to start a weight loss program.

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