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Jul 29th 2019

How To Use Protein Shakes to Lose Weight

When you look at all the different dieting options out there, protein shakes for weight loss are a popular choice. The main reason is that protein is an essential nutrient that can aid you in shedding those unwanted pounds, and they are a simple and effective way to add more protein into your diet. Plus, they are convenient and come in an array of different flavors to satisfy your taste buds.But how do protein drinks for weight loss work? And wit…

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Oct 19th 2017

Losing Weight Over 50

As we age, our bodies and minds go through a significant change as well. The physiological aspects of our aging bodies can stop our ability to lose weight. Add in the ever-slowing metabolism and the one or two pounders here and there that crept up on us slowly over the years, and losing weight over 50 can be difficult. The most efficient way to get past the roads blocks that face us as we age is to be aware of them and known how to work around th…

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Sep 17th 2017

Fatty Foods That Should Be Avoided

It is no secret that fatty foods cause all sorts of health problems. Obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes have all been linked to following a diet high in the wrong fatty foods. While there are a lot of foods that can cause you major health problems, there are some fatty foods that are good for your body. The key to balance here is knowing what fatty foods are good and which ones are not. When you get in the habit of choosin…

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Sep 13th 2017

9 Bad Effects of Skipping Breakfast

So, you have heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, it's true. In fact, it's right there in the name. Breakfast is the first meal of our day, and it “breaks the fast” we've undergone through the long hours of the night. The problem with breakfast is that so many people are in a hurry, and breakfast is the first thing they throw out the door when they are running low on time. Here are some of the dangers of ski…

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Aug 17th 2017

How Protein and Carbs Work for Your Body

The secret to consistent weight loss is a combination of healthy foods that supports your metabolism. When you eat, the foods you choose either aid your metabolism or slow it down. Although there are a lot of “bad” carbohydrates available, your diet should have a combination of protein and carbohydrates to be successful.Protein and carbohydrates are both essential nutrients that play very different roles in our bodies. They are needed to effectiv…

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